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About Ripple Podiatry

Ripple Podiatry is an ACC registered rehabilitation and sports podiatry practice with locations in Hamilton East and Chartwell. As a multidisciplinary clinic, we treat our patients holistically, with integrity and respect.

Kate Caetano

Rehabilitation Podiatrist and Running Coach

Hamilton East Clinic

Kate has a passion for helping people getting back to doing what they love through her holistic approach to Podiatry. This involves going beyond the symptoms, looking at all the moving parts of the body, identifying areas of disconnection and treating the root cause(s). Kate’s goal is to improve your quality of life – through healing, rehab and support – so you can perform at your best.

Kate has a special interest in bio-mechanics and running. She works with many athletes in the Waikato to improve their running efficiency and performance.

Kate graduated with her Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry in 2012. She then went on to complete her Postgraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation, and Master of Health, Sport and Human Performance, while practicing as a podiatrist.

Amanda Barr


Chartwell Clinic

Born in the Waikato, Amanda is eager to help her patients get back to doing what they enjoy pain free and stronger. She is committed to your rehabilitation and goes the extra mile for all her patients. Amanda enjoys competing in a wide range of sports and has had her fair share of injuries. This enables her to empathise, encourage and support her patients through their treatment and rehabilitation. Amanda enjoys looking from the feet up by supporting the body as a whole. In her spare time she enjoys Motocross and is a volunteer firefighter!

Juan Carlo


Chartwell Clinic

Juan Carlo (JC) particularly enjoys biomechanics and musculoskeletal issues. He has had his fair share of injuries playing sport in the past which led him to see a podiatrist and allowed him to play sport again without pain. This sparked his interest in podiatry. JC is keen to provide others with the same level of care he received from his podiatrist growing up and is committed to help people get back to doing activities that they enjoy. In his spare time he enjoys basketball, mountain biking and the outdoors. JC is currently doing his Postgraduate study in sports medicine.

Nick Blythe

Clinic Manager

Nick is in charge of the day to day running of our two clinics so our clinicians can focus on what they do best! He may be answering your calls, filing ACC claims, marketing or counting beans.

In his spare time he enjoys playing & teaching the drums and traveling.

Sponsorship & Support

Mercy Ships is a hospital ship charity serving the most vulnerable in sub-Saharan Africa. Around 40 volunteers from New Zealand serve on board the Mercy Ship every year, and thousands of others donate time and money to sponsor surgeries and health care programmes.

Ripple Podiatry’s sponsorship will go towards orthopaedic corrective surgeries. What we love about Mercy Ships is the focus on rehabilitation and education. The ship is typically docked in port for 11 months at a time where post-surgical treatment and education is a vital part of each patients treatment.

We are proud employers of Fire and Emergency volunteers

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