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Ripple Podiatry treat a wide range of lower limb conditions using a variety of proven techniques you may not find at your typical Podiatry clinic

What Ripple Podiatry can help with

ACC injury treatment

When a new injury is keeping you from training or pain just isn’t resolving, we can help. We will get you back to doing what you love faster by helping optimise the way your body is healing. We can also assess if there are any issues when returning to sport or activity.

We can help with foot, heel, ankle, calf, shin or knee injuries, joint bracing and gait analysis, and footwear advice.

Private acute and chronic pain treatment

Unresolved injuries and pain can hold you back from enjoying life. We focus on finding the disconnections or dysfunctions that underlie your symptoms. We then help to recalibrate the body by reconnecting the parts that need to work together. Through correcting and creating better technique, we can optimise the healing process

We can help with foot, heel, ankle, calf, shin, knee, hip or back pain – especially related to running or walking – through muscle recruitment, joint bracing, orthotics and gait analysis, and footwear advice.

Children and growing pains

Caring for children’s legs and feet requires a different approach to treatment. Children’s bones and muscles are still developing, and their bodies are vulnerable as they try out new things. We can help your child get through their pain or dysfunction, while preventing future injuries and keeping their body capable and adaptable.

We can help with growing complications, severs, cerebral palsy, ‘clumsy running’, pigeon toes, out toeing, knocked or bowed knees, and more.

Walking and running analysis

We are experts in analysing running and walking technique. We work with beginners through to professional athletes, helping them to run more efficiently and free from pain. Are you keen to run well? Come and see us.

Pre and post-surgical treatment

Prior to surgery, we make sure your body is strong and responsive to allow the best outcome. Post-surgical rehab treatment ensures your body recovers in the best state possible.

We can help with joint bracing, orthotics, gait retraining, muscle recruitment and footwear advice.

How Ripple Podiatry can Help

The Ripple team are trained in a range of different treatment techniques which can be tailored to best suit your needs

Muscle Release

Our team are trained in different trigger point and muscle release techniques that relieve tight and tense muscles, fascia and tendons.

Orthoses, braces and orthotics

A brace or orthosis is an externally applied device that modifies how you use your ankle or knee. It either prevents or assists relative movement. Foot and ankle orthotics adjust your walking and the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy (ESWT) is a proven treatment for treating painful chronic Achilles, plantar fasciitis, knee pain and more. In a nutshell, this machine works by breaking down your chronic scar tissue with the unique shock-wave pulses restarting your body’s healing and improving pain and mobility.

Gait retraining

Gait retraining involves the use of stability, strength, balance, mobility and cue training. It can be used to help improve your ability to walk or run following an injury, prevent pain and injury, or improve your performance.

Trigger point dry needling

Dry needling targets muscle and fascial trigger points within your muscles. It is designed to either stimulate or relax your muscles depending on your needs

Kinesiology taping (K-taping)

K-Taping Is a technique designed to encourage correct mobility while also supporting the injured area during rehabilitation


Trigenics retrains the way the brain communicates with the muscles, creating easier, safer and better muscle movements, improving joint range and reducing pain.

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