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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Ripple Podiatry, is committed to complying with the Privacy Act 1993, including the New Zealand Privacy Principles, and the privacy provisions of all applicable legislation. As well as the New Zealand Health & Disability act 2000

This privacy policy covers any and all personal information we hold, that is, information, opinions, or medical treatment history about an individual, that we have collected or attained either from people through our practice, over the phone and over the internet.

Collecting information

When we collect personal information from an individual, or about an individual, such as your name, home or business address and email address, we will ensure that we do so in an ethical and fair manner, and that we let the individual know where and how to contact our organisation. We will only collect information that is necessary for the purposes of clinical treatment, or providing of a service payment or claim.

We will advise individuals of the purposes for which their personal information is collected.

If we collect sensitive information (as defined under the Privacy Act), we will treat it with the utmost security and confidentiality. We will ensure no information is collected for any other purposes, other than those for which we have obtained the individual’s consent, unless the law requires otherwise, or other exceptional circumstances prevail as described under the Accident Compensation Act 2001 and the privacy Act.

Where an individual chooses not to provide requested information, we will advise that individual of what impact this non-disclosure may have. For example, withholding certain information may limit our ability to provide relevant offers or services to individuals.

Access to personal information

Individuals will be able to access their personal information upon request. However, Ripple Podiatry may occasionally need to deny access to information in accordance with the exemptions contained in the Privacy Act 1993.

Disclosing information

We will only disclose personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act and New Zealand Health & Disability act 2000. This means that personal information may be disclosed for the purposes for which we have advised that we are collecting it, and for related purposes that the individual would reasonably expect; Where we have the consent of the individual to do so.

As required by law, such as ACC referrals; or Under other circumstances where permitted under the Act; In the course of our business activities, we may need to disclose some of your personal information to relevant staff.

Unauthorised access or disclosure

Ripple Podiatry is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals. Therefore, we will view unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal information by our employees or contractors, as a serious breach of this policy. Appropriate action (which may include disciplinary or legal action) will be taken in such cases. All staff are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.


On our website www.ripplepod.co.nz, IP addresses (the Internet address of a computer) are logged to track a user’s session while the user remains anonymous. We then analyse the data for trends. We will always provide individuals with a nil-cost way of contacting us to register a request to “opt-out” from receiving further service offers.


We will provide an opt-out opportunity with direct marketing offers in accordance with New Zealand legislation.


Our goal at Ripple Podiatry is to protect the personal information collected by us.

Personal information will be managed confidentially and securely and destroyed appropriately when no longer required. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the data Ripple Podiatry collects, uses or discloses is accurate, complete and up to date, and has been obtained directly from individuals or other reputable sources with consent.


Ripple Podiatry has attempted to make the information on this site as accurate as possible. However, there is no guarantee given as to the accuracy or currency of any individual item on the server. Persons accessing the server who require confirmation of any information should contact the practice to verify.

Linked sites are not under the control of Ripple Podiatry and Running Masters Ltd are not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site. All promotions are subject to availability and Ripple Podiatry reserves the right to change, alter, or cancel promotions at any time without notice.


Please note – podiatrists working with or under Ripple Podiatry are still bound by the Code of Conduct and additional guidelines set forth by the Podiatry Board of New Zealand and other relevant regulatory bodies.


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